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The Journey Begins featuring Charlie Sheen

Okay, Charlie Sheen will not be appearing in the post.  I think the world as a whole is about as burned out at his zany antics.  So, Mr. Sheen, you may leave the stage now…thank you very much.  Don’t call us…we’ll call you, okay?

Now, roll the titles, please.

Who am I?

Sure.  My name is E.J. Apostrophe.  My story is one of a writer who has returned to discover a great secret.  More on this later.

I use to be a freelance writer yet I felt that I wasn’t “good enough” or that I could never become someone who made a living at writing.  To me, writing was just something that I could do reluctantly to make extra cashola.  I tried writing for others (e.g. non-profits) to build a portfolio in order to get ready to play in the Big Leagues of freelancing.

Did this work?


I sent some clips.  Got accepted.  Wrote for them.  The editor mysteriously disappears into the night like the ratings of NBC’s The Cape.

Last year, I tried signing up with Experts123.com and Odesk.com.  Plastered my business photo (looking like serious Ryan Seacrest) with some clips and waited like a lonely bachelor starting at the phone for his date to call.  I got a few “hits” on Experts123.  Massive cash cows though?  Ah, no.

So I just abandoned ship.  See you, Uncle Louie…see you in Saint Louie.  Outta there.

So What Brought You Here?

Bills.  The pressures of life.  Mouths to feed.

When I was brainstorming this year on how to make extra money, my wife shared with me, “EJ, you have the talent.  I really believe in you.”  I have heard this pep talk before (we men really do listen…if there is food involved…trust me) yet something “clicked” this time.

So with renewed vigour, I joined Writing.com (my previous account…I kinda like forget the password and all…so back to the drawing board) and opened a brand new account.  I knew I had to start cutting my teeth and improve my skills and this was the bone I was determined to chew on.

I entered the toughest competition on Writing.com called “The Writer’s Cramp” – a daily writing prompt challenge.

The first time I failed horribly.  And again.  And again.

Then something happened…I won the contest one day.

Then you know what?

I won again.  And again.  And again.

With four wins under my belt, I felt maybe God was sharing with me that if I do buckle down and get serious about this craft, I can become a writer that can make this as a living.

With some advise from master storyteller Larry Brooks, I took the next step and started a blog.

So, what is H3roic Writ3r anyway?

As the subtitle explains, this will be my journey to become a published author.  Now my tastes are varied.  I like comics (hence my use of the term ‘heroic’).  I like fiction.  I like fantasy at times.  I like movies.

I will be discussing my insights on the medium of story (with sprinkles about writing mechanics here and there) and will look at various aspects of this (e.g. What makes a good superhero story?; Why did Spiderman 3 the movie make Catwoman with Hallie Berry look like an Academy Award feature?; Why is conflict the fuel of a story and if a writer doesn’t have this element, the story will fail miserably?).

As my close friends who know about me (a whopping two out there!), I’m all about fun.  I’m a yellow personality (primary color).  So I hope my posts will cause a chuckle or a smile at times.  Right now, I will post once a week and then we will see how we go from there.

How do I as a reader join in then?

Easy.   You get the advantage of seeing me fail more.  I will not hold anything back.  I’ll be refreshingly blunt about the writing life.  You get to join the discussion as well.  Some posts may inspire you.  Great.  Let me hear from you.  Don’t like something I post.  Good.  Let me know why.  I want you to be comfortable here and encourage to become the hero or heroine of your own story.

See you next week.

Heroically Yours,


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Disclaimer: Please note Charlie Sheen was not hurt at all during this post.  Any and all jokes made at Charlie Sheen was made without any remorse.


8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins featuring Charlie Sheen

  1. Hey you have a blog now! Sometimes I think people are too afraid to fail, and that stops them from trying – but it shouldn’t. It’s just part and parcel of the course. Looking forward to seeing how things shape up around here. 🙂

  2. I was on a similar path, and straight up QUIT. But three years later, I’m giving it another go – but this time on my terms.

    I wish you success, and may the falling down not bruise too badly.

  3. Wow–way to burst onto the scene!

    Can’t wait to read more from you. Sounds like you’ve been through some interesting stuff.

  4. I’m glad you’re picking up the mantle again. And hey, it’s a busy, amiable road, this one you’re walking, on the way to publication. Consider yourself among friends. 🙂

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