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Bonus Post: Axes, Dinosaurs, and Web-shooters…Oh My!

Image by burtvickers

Image by burtvickers

Remember when you were a kid (about 5 years old); what sort of imagination did you have back then?


I use to think I was a superhero like Spider-man.  I would try out my snazzy web shooters with the suction cup tips on any hapless wall or furniture.  I learn a valuable lesson from this experience as a fledging superhero.

The web shooters don’t actually work no matter how much spit I put on them and no, I couldn’t swing like Spidey.  On a side note, I even took my handy-dandy plastic Shogun Warrior axe (canary colored) completed with shoestrings tied together to realize my swinging dreams.

Alas, I am glad that I could not bring myself to climb up an electrical line after I was able to get the homemade grappling hook over.  Cooked E.J. would be what’s for dinner.

Ah, the days of Underroos and Saturday Morning cartoons.  This was the life.

As much as I miss those days, I turned to comic books as a balm to soothe my burning inner superhero.  Then last weekend, I was lead to something that sparked and tickled the inner child in me.

I was perusing on my favorite site “Superhero Hype” which lead to Crave Online.  This lead  to a piece about a comic book named “Axe Cop.”

Image by downgraderocks

Image by downgraderocks

Axe Cop?  Yes, the cheese was dripping from this title.  Still, I was open minded so I dove in.

The rest is history.  I adored Axe Cop and I am a new member of this new Nerd Herd.

According to Wikipedia:

Axe Cop is a web comic by two brothers: Malachai Nicolle (age 5 when the series began, now age 7) and Ethan Nicolle (age 29 when the series began). Malachai is responsible for the ideas and stories, while Ethan turns them into comics.

Now if you can imagine the tale being told by a five-year old about an axe-wielding cop with a dinosaur side-kick then throw in a T-Rex with machine gun arms…now you can see why my inner child was doing a gymnastic routine inside (almost like the time at summer camp where I thought I was Superman when the camp audio speakers blared out the theme to Superman…you wasn’t suppose to read that).

Go and visit Axecop and find out why this comic is turning the industry on its ear.

Creativity is not dead…we as adults have forgotten to play, that’s all.


12 thoughts on “Bonus Post: Axes, Dinosaurs, and Web-shooters…Oh My!

  1. O.K. I only have one question. It that you or your lovely daughter? It looks like a teleporter experiment gone bad! Or the outcome of a bad three guys walk into a bar joke. Just thought I would share.

    • Nope…this is not the princess. Only a random picture I found on Photobucket…oh the agony this little one will experience when growing up and his pic is splattered over the internet.

  2. That picture just summed up my childhood. And I still haven’t grown up.

    My 10 year old has a blog that I helped him start way back when he was 6. He would make up these stories with all the Bionicle characters he was building and I would simply type what he was dictating.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to lose my “inner child.”

  3. I loved your last line E.J. It is SOO true.

    I totally loved Batman growing up. Those were the days when a batmobile would make me incredibly happy and keep me entertained for hours on end. Life was more simpler then.

    These days, when I have trouble writing sometimes I’ll go out to the toy store and start playing around with a lightsaber. It reminds me that there’s still a kid in my that needs to go out and play sometimes.

  4. Ah yes. There’s a powerful kindred experience in so many of our childhoods.

    And there’s just something disturbingly amusing about that Axe Cop comic (thanks for enlightening us to it’s existence)… made the more funny in part because (a) you know it’s made up by a 5-year-old and (b) you know you made up the same kinds of outlandish stories when you were 5.

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