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Who Says Bullets Can Kill Me?


"Wolverine tickles easily..." - Photo Courtesy: Superpower Wiki

The gaping and throbbing wounds were still fresh yet he was use to the dull pain by now.  The pain would fade quickly.  He still was amazed at the process though.  As he looked in the mirror, a devious smile stretched across his lips.  The multiple gunshot holes were starting to close by themselves and spit out the bloodied bullets onto the floor.  For Wolverine, this was just another day of being a battle-hardened hero. – E.J. Apostrophe

Welcome to my new series:  The Power Encyclopedia.  The Power Encyclopedia is my meager attempt to look at the astonishing powers of superhero/villain powers.  Just what does it mean to have the ability to control time?  How can someone control metal?  What is light manipulation?

Since Wolverine kicked off this post, what power do you think we will look at today?  Anyone?  You at the front row.

Hair removal.”

Uh, no.  Next.

How to shave in a mirror?”

Sigh.  Nooo.  Next.

Accelerated Healing?”

Yes.  Good.

Accelerated Healing (AH, for short).  This is also called a healing factor or regenerative healing.


Let’s distill what AH is.  AH is the ability/power to heal after any form of damage caused by any external or internal force.  Depending on the individual, a subject can recover from an injury either a span of a less than millisecond to a full day.

The power can heal anything from broken bones, severed limbs, internal damage (e.g. growing back organs), and placing bones back in place after dislocation.

Imagine being able to shave and get a cut from the razor.  No problem.  Instantly, the wound closes right up and without a scab.  Cutting up veggies for soup?  Slice a finger open?  Whoops.  No problem.  Heal right up before the meal is finished!

You could also give blood transfusions to help those who were terminally ill or injured; your blood could heal them of any ill!

But Wait There’s More!

AH intertwine with very close cousins of immortality, self-sustenance, and enhanced durability.  Now you can try out for the local football team and dare the opposing team to hit you with their best shot.  You can go Pamplona Bull Running and taunt the bull to chase after you without any recourse.

Pros and Cons


  • Heal wounds from fights such as bruises, stab wounds, burns, etc.
  • High level users can regenerate every damaged tissues and cells.
  • Can regrow limbs.
  • Long life.
  • Physically fit.
  • Immunity to alcohol, toxins and poisons.
  • Limited self-sustenance.
  • Immunity to cancer, diseases and sickness.


  • Decapitation and distancing of the head away from the body may kill the user, with the exception of those with Cephalophore.
  • Some users may scar, causing disfiguration.
  • Brain cells may re-grow, but connections made may be effected.
  • With some if the brain is stabbed in the right place and kept there, the user will remain dead until the object is removed.
  • If power is taken away, the user will convert back to his/her’s own age and most likely die because their body’s immune system has never fought off a virus.
  • (My Con): If you are immortal, you would see all of your friends and family pass away as you continued to survive decade after decade.

Heroes/Villains with This Power:

Photo courtesy: Comic Vine


James Howlett is Marvel Comics’ poster boy for this unbelievable power.  He has been put into more situations than Bernie.

Wolverine’s Healing Factor at Work:

  • Having the adamantium ripped out of his body by Magneto.
  • The process of grafting adamantium with his skeleton.
  • His battle with Gordon.

Photo Courtesy: Comic Vine


Mr. Green is not only the most frighteningly powerful hero of the Marvel Universe.  How would you like to face a monster that getting stronger as he get angrier AND can heal with acceleration?  No, thank you.  Waiter, check please.

Hulk’s Healing Factor at Work:

  • Survived the brutal attack by Wolverine’s adamantium claws.
  • Lived through nuclear explosions.
  • Withstood core solar temperatures.

Photo Courtesy: Comic Vine


Although Lobo looks like an albino Chinchilla on the drug ice, D.C. Comics’ “Main Man” is no slouch in the healing factor department.  This is probably why he is such a brash and trash-talking scoundrel.

Lobo’s Healing Factor at Work:

  • Can regenerate from a pool of blood by recycling his cells.
  • The ability to make clones of him each time his blood is spilled.
  • Protects him from aging so much so that Heaven and Hell doesn’t want him.

Final Score of Awesomeness: (1 to 5 – with 5 being the highest): 5

So what about you?

Would you like to have this ability?  How would you use the gift?

P.S. Who are your favorite characters who have this ability?

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6 thoughts on “Who Says Bullets Can Kill Me?

  1. The cheerleader Claire from Heroes has it, too!

    It would be cool to have this ability, but what if people wanted to start doing experiments on you because of it–with or without your permission? Hm…

  2. Though not superhero’s, vampires are usually associated with this trait, but perhaps that’s because they’re already dead and so should be difficult or impossible to kill.

    Would I like this trait? Oh it would be so nice to heal fast. I’m not sure if I’d want it if it meant immortality though.

  3. I mentioned that Marvel falls into third place on my Superhero Trinity… right. It’s Wolverine that takes that particular spot. I dunno… he’s just kinda cool, IMO.

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