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Forget Me Not Fridays

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Forget me not flowers symbolize true love, hope, remembrance, memories.  Instead of doing the typical Link Love posts that millions of bloggers will, I want to take this time to remember the amazing posts that others in the blogsphere have posted this week.  I hope you find value in them!


  1. Speculative Faith – This blog features an interview with Jill Williamson, Christian speculative author of By Darkness Hid.  Jill is the winner of the Christy Award for excellence.  Jill’s series is in my radar for future books to read (Along with the other 7 billion books I need to finish reading before I die) and I like how she shares about world building, weaving themes into the narrative, and the importance of stories for teens.  For the interview, click HERE
  2. Stanford Smith of Pushing Social – One of my mentors crafted a spectacular post called “The Tale of Two Bloggers.”  This post challenged me to check myself to see if I am a blogger that is either hierarchical or the territorial.  Confused?  Good.  Go get some clarity on what I mean by clicking HERE.
  3. Best Blogging Tips Online – A strong post from Aaron Lee covering how similar Twitter and blogging really is.  Click HERE.

And here’s an oldie but goodie that talks about a subject few writers and bloggers are aware of – the art of commenting on blogs:

  • Your Comments Suck and I Don’t Want Them: A Manfesto – Click HERE.

Your Comments Suck and I Don’t Want Them: A Manifesto


2 thoughts on “Forget Me Not Fridays

  1. Hey, you changed your blog look, too! Looks sleeker, me thinks. 🙂

    I’ll have to check out some of those other ones another time, but the “Your Comments Suck” article was interesting. That’s something I’ve been thinking about, actually, is the quality of comments–both mine and others. It’s always nice when people post thought-provoking comments, but you can’t always expect those kinds of post.

    And even if you had a page for your personal blogging policy which dictates these kinds of things, I think it would be kind of mean not to allow the “thanks for this, I enjoyed it” kind of posts. But that’s just me.

    What do you think, EJ?

    • Hi Yoyo,

      Thanks for the compliment about the look. I enjoyed it. :p

      I think the quality of post is important. This is the different between grade A comments vs. grade B comments. I can totally understand the “drive by” commenting. I use to be just like that. I am realizing that quality is important than exposure.

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