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The Silent Saboteur?

Photo Courtesy: Kymberly Vohsen

Do me a favor.

I want you to take your right hand.

Close your left eye.

Now, curl your fingers leaving only your forefinger and thumb free.

Bring these two fingers close to your right eye but not too close.

Bring these two fingers close together to where they are barely touching.

There.  See it?

This represents how close I was for not creating a post for Saturday!

With all kidding aside because you know I am always the serious type (*hides rubber chicken*), I would like to share with you as a writer the Silent Saboteur that you don’t know about.

Photo Courtesy: jerkotaking

The stealthy assassin has taken out writing h3roes in times past because they were too busy with other things to notice his sinister arrival.  Still, he waits patiently.  He always waits.  Then he strikes with deadly accuracy.

The results are always devastating and fatal unless he is faced courageously and handed glorious defeat.

Who is the Silent Saboteur?


Your health.

Now before you roll your eyes, this area of health and wellness has been largely ignored by writers.  Some writers think that they have teenage invincibility again and that they can brush off their health with reckless abandon.

As I continue to get older, I am enlightened now to see this is not the case.  Death’s cold grip will capture everyone and this mortal frame of dust will return to the ground one day.  The question to ask yourself is how do you want to live this life: decrepit health or robust health?

While I could go on and on about this subject, I think my post is done now.  If you are like me, you are visual.  You want to see why having the best health is essential.


So, H3roes, I will introduce you to the game changer that transformed my views on health and food.  This game changer, a movie, shifted my paradigm 180 degrees.  This change affected my family so dramatically that the trickle down effect has spread to my family and friends.

What is this game changer?

Photo Courtesy: restokz06

The movie called “Food, Inc.”

Okay, before you give me all the excuses on why you don’t have time or the money to watch this film.  I’m going to cut the excuses off at the knees right here and now.

You can watch this ground-breaking documentary for free.

I have provided the links to the movie below.  I really hope you will watch this film because this will be the best 91 minutes you have ever invested. (Trailer HERE).

If you do watch the film, come back here and post what you learned.  I would love to read your thoughts!



6 thoughts on “The Silent Saboteur?

  1. Oh I’ve seen it. Two documentaries shifted our eating habits completely around Super Size Me and Food Inc. Since then we’ve cut out almost all fast food/processed food from our diet, eat beef only once a week or less (MAN the terrible things they do to those cows), and we go one or two days meatless.

    It’s funny, I tried going back to McD’s a while back, because I remember those fries tasting so good… but after more than a year of not eating it, it tasted terrible!

    Now, the part of health that I tend to neglect is exercise hehe. I’m ashamed of that.

      • I liked Supersize Me and Morgan Spurlock’s series 30 Days. The 30 Days episode on Animal Rights was a real eye opener, about commercial meat farming. I’ll have to put Food, Inc in my Netflix queue and check it out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I watched Food Inc.!!! Very disturbing footage, especially of the pigs on the “Kill Floor” and the cows getting shoveled around by forklifts. 😦 Deeepressing!!! I know they’re just animals, but I believe that they too have feelings and we should treat the right.

    • Hiya,

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Food, Inc was the salvo needed in order to get others to change. If you treat your animals right, the dividends are amazing.

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