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Closed for the Weekend

Hi H3roes,

Nothing to see here...let's keep moving. :-p

I am closed this week to celebrate our daughter A’s birthday!  So I am taking a day to celebrate God’s goodness to us with her special life.  Parenting is not for cowards yet is so rewarding!  So the goal is to make her ultra tired on Saturday and then she’ll konk out for the rest of the day.  Evil plan, yes!

Lord willing, see you next week!

P.S. Did you notice the new pages above on Christian Speculative Fiction and Project Whirlwind?  Feel free to visit and comment.

P.S.S. What is the best birthday gift you ever received and why?


3 thoughts on “Closed for the Weekend

  1. Oh, yay! How exciting. Have fun!

    (Hmm… I don’t know what the best B-day gift I ever got was… I’m pretty easy to please, these days. I’d consider a delicious vanilla cake with lots and lots of buttercream frosting to be one of the best gifts ever, haha.)

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