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For Every Promise, There Is A Price To Pay

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“For every promise, there is a price to pay.” – Jim Rohn

I had to eat my words lately.  Remember how I was sharing with you how I like shortcuts in life because by hacking life, we make our lives easier.

I am partly right.

There is an exception if you want to be the best in writing.  There is a real price you will need to pay.  You will need to pay your 10,000 hours.

Did you know that to be considered an expert, you will need to clock in 10,000 hours?  Yes, you read that right.  10,000 hours.

There is no shortcut here.  I wish I could hack this fact yet the truth hurts.  I am willing to not sugar coat the truth.

And neither does Celestine Chua as she explains the price to get the sacred key to success.

10, 000 Hours To Develop Talent – Celestine Chua via The Personal Excellence Blog


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9 thoughts on “For Every Promise, There Is A Price To Pay

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. The funny thing is that our culture is enamored with the idea that a nobody can stumble into great things without very much effort. Just to draw from the latest big thing, take “Green Lantern”. I haven’t put my 10,000 hours into reading GL comics, but the short story is this average guy is chosen to receive great power based off of some personal quality that he hasn’t yet developedt. Riiiiight… I much prefer “Batman Begins” where Bruce Wayne works his tail off for 5 years to develop the skills he needs to be a hero. That’s more like reality and a much better message. I recently heard Dave Ramsey say how that he worked his tail off for 20-years to get labeled an “overnight success”. It sounds to me that there is a huge correlation between “expert” and “experience”. Great post! EDC

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ed.

      I didn’t even think about Bruce Wayne and his 10,000 hours he put in. You are right on the mark! What is even more impressive is that Superman himself stated that Batman is the most dangerous man on Earth and this is coming from Superman! Wonderful and solid observation.

  2. 10,000 hours = roughly 10 years of work. Nothing substitutes for experience 🙂 Though, I will shortcut whatever else I can, so I have more time to work on the important things LOL Good reminder EJ!

  3. Sounds logical, though I don’t think I’ll be tracking my hours anytime soon…not with writing anyway, heh.

    But the general message is a given: you don’t get better at anything without constant practice.

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you will be a regular.

      Re: Wishing to complete 10,000 hours…remember – For every promise, there is a price. – Jim Rohn

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