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How To Copy Everyone Else’s Health Advice And Still Fail

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland - ©

What is your goal for the month of August?  Are you trying to burn fat and lessen your body fat?  Are you training for size and mass?  Are you focused on improving your eating habits from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a nutrient dense food plan?  There is one key part that we can all miss if you don’t watch ourselves and fall into the same pitfalls many others have.  This post is to prevent you from being a lemming and become more wiser in your approach to your goal.

The Missing Principle Most People Forget About

Since I have “come home” to my love of natural health, fitness, and the like; I have decided to reboot my studies for personal training.  Now whether I reach this goal remains to be seen, the goal now is to learn as much as I can and help others along the way.

In my studies, I came across the impressive mind of Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D aka “Dr. Squat”.  Dr. Squat has general training principles that he has used for many years and there is one principle we easily neglect.  In fact, this principle is so vital to your success if you don’t understand this now, you will be a gerbil on a running wheel.  Going anywhere lately?

Here’s Dr. Squat:

The Principle of Individual Differences

This principle is an acknowledgement that we all have different genetic blueprints. David Q. Thomas, Ph.D., in a recent internet communication with me, said,

“We all will have similar responses and adaptations to the stimulus of exercise, but the rate and magnitude of these changes will be limited by our differing genetics. Some are fast responders and others are slow responders. Some have the capacity to reach elite status and some do not. If we have everyone perform the same exercise program, they will all not receive the same benefits at the same rate or to the same extent. This is an important principle to teach to people wishing to start an exercise program or to youngsters just coming into sports. There are two reasons: 1) so they can set realistic goals, and 2) so they don’t get frustrated when they don’t see miraculous changes in their bodies or performance.” (underline emphasis mine – source)

Did you catch what Dr. Thomas stated?


Re-read his commentary again.  If you still didn’t catch it, then re-read again.

What’s the point I am getting at?  The point is this.  I want you to go to this link to the Amazon’s Best-Sellers in the group of Exercise and Fitness.  Then come back here, okay?  I’ll wait.

Done.  Good.  Now all of those books are making thousands to millions of dollars.  People are, for a lack of a better term, eating up these books with hopes that just that “one book”, that one book can change their life.

What about next year when the latest fad is not the 4-Hour Body but putting on bleached squirrel teeth necklace that can help with fat loss?  Or what about reading the pioneering research on gorilla fur smoothies?  No, wait, let’s not forget the Lady Gaga diet!

The Fingerprint

Have you ever taken the time to look at your fingerprint?  Your fingerprint is vastly unique that the flexibility of friction ridge skin means that no two finger or palm prints are ever exactly alike in every detail; even two impressions recorded immediately after each other from the same hand. (source)

I presented all of this to say that no one plan (whether fitness, food, or supplementation) will work for the same person.  We are too unique and individual to be pressed into someone else’s mold of what worked for them.

Do you realize how liberating this principle is?  You can now give yourself permission to fail and find out what works exclusively for you.  This may mean many failures yet if you are not failing then you are not really trying hard enough.

Journal your journey and find out what works for you then you can have valuable feedback to help you to tweak here and there until you find the exact formulation that works for you.

Just When You Think You Got It All Figured Out. . .

There is a catch though. . .you are aging.  Yes, I know this may be a shocker to some.  This is true.  Guess what?  You can’t stop it either.  You may delay the process yet never really halt it.  So all the notes and feedback you gather may change in three to six months.  Do not be discouraged.  Instead, adjust and keep moving forward.

So what about you?

How can the Principle of Individual Differences help you in your goals in the future?

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