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When The Thugs Come Marchin’ In

The new motto for Food Nazis - Copyright 2011 Photobucket

Remember when we could tell who the gangsters were?  The gangsters would easily be identified because they would have names that would make the toughest man weep like a baby.  Men like Al Capone, Alex Shondor Birns, Danny Greene, and others were menace to society with their dubious and lethal tactics to gain money and power.

Looks like a new crime family is in California and may be in your town too.  This family doesn’t like when people are empowered to make choices that our outside of their paradigms.  So there must the intimidation first.  Next, the stealing of property and goods.  Lastly, the loss of life. . .possibly.

Who is this new crime family?  Read the latest news here: