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Searching For The Truth About “Truth About Abs” by Mike Geary

Copyright Walt Disney

Copyright Walt Disney

Just like how Captain Jack Sparrow is looking to see what is coming, do you want a sneak preview on what future post I am working on?

I will be reviewing “Truth About Abs” (affiliate link) product from Mike Geary.


100% Legit or 100% Scam? We will see.

If you haven’t lived under a rock, this product has been around for 9 years so obviously there must be something there.  I purchased this product in 2012 and have not finished it totally. No longer. You deserve to know if this product is a scam or the real deal. Now to be completely 100% with you, I am an affiliate of this product. Out of fairness, how could I promote this product if I am not using it and/or have used a little of the principles from the book and not everything? I never want to be branded as a hypocrite or a shady individual.

If you see something on this blog, I want you confident that this is something I have tested and if the product is worth your time or not.  You deserve this sort of transparency.  If you are considering purchasing this product from the affiliate link above, please wait until I give my full review so you can make an intelligent and informed decision. I want what is best for you.

You can expect a digestible review that is more to the point than one that is pages and pages of critique. You have a life to live and I respect your time.

If you are intrigued to see my views on this product, the best way to get a timely review is to click on the “Subscribe” button on the upper-right side of this blog. You can subscribe and guarantee that you will not miss any crunchy wholesome blogging goodness.

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