There’s hope for boring breakfast ideas for Whole 30! LOL

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When it comes to recipes, I’m a fan of the KISS approach: Keep It Simple Silly. If a recipe has more than 8 ingredients, I start to question whether I really want to make the recipe or not. When it comes to breakfast, I am all about quick and easy options. I’m a big fan of breakfast and I’m not really one to try to eat salads or other non-breakfast-y stuff that I’ve seen in the Paleo circles. Maybe I’ll change one day but for now, spinach in my omelet is about as far as I take it.

I’ve had some people asking me what I like to eat for breakfast and I thought I’d share some yummy options that I’ve been using on…

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Tenacious Tuesday: So You Have Made A Mistake?



Ever had this happen to you? Swamped in projects? Wake up late? Nah, that stuff never happen to you, right? To me, both of these scenarios have hit me. What do you do? Pray and move forward. Be encouraged!

Rise and transform!