The Easiest Taco Salad You’ll Ever Make: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Whole30 Taco Alternative

Get into my belly! LOL

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I love taco salad. I always have and I doubt that will ever change. It can be tough to eat Mexican now because I choose not to eat cheese, sour cream, beans, corn or tortilla chips but I recently found a surprisingly easy and delicious alternative to tacos. You’re going to love how easy this is. It’s not going to seem like a lot but the taste combination is AMAZING. The spices give this recipe that traditional spicy kick and the avocado provides the creaminess while the tomato adds acidity and sauciness. Feast your taste buds on this:

The  Easiest Taco Salad You’ll Ever Make


Total Time:  15 minutes

Servings: 4


1 lb ground Beef

2 T all natural taco mix or make your own

1 head iceberg lettuce (torn into bite-size pieces or shredded)

1 large tomato (chopped)

1 avocado (sliced or chopped)

salt to taste


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