Liebster Award Nominee?!? Moi’?


Have you ever received a really cool surprise? Like a new collection of Elton John CDs? Erm. No. Well. Okay, the Muppets Sing-Alongs? **hears silence**


Well, moving on! I was checking my WordPress blog and received this message from fitness blogger Fat2Fit2Fabulous:

“You owe me money!”

No, wait. Wrong message.

Ah, here’s the message. Continue reading

This is amaze balls!!

A Plate Full of Crazy

Many thanks to the tech geeks at StrongFirst who made the live streams available at their historic first SFG certification this past weekend in Houston, Texas!  One of the coolest things about the live broadcasts was that it was coming through Google Glass technology:  read about it here.

Beyond that little bit of geekdom, the weekend underscored why I love the kettlebell community so much, and am so proud to inhabit my small corner of it:  all ages, genders, shades, body types, and levels of experience are welcome.  It came through as clear as (Google) glass:  if you are ready to do work, and have prepared yourself for the challenge, come on in. Compete:  not against me, not against some other group, not against anyonebut yourself and what you once believed were your limitations.

A beautiful example of this spirit is demonstrated by one of my personal heroes,

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