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The Attack of The 100th Post On Tokyo!


Thank you for sharing in this special day! As the graphic says, we have reach 100 blog posts!

In fact, this humble blog is two years in the making as well!

I just wanted to take the time to truly say “thank you” for sticking by me through the ups and downs of this blog. You are appreciated and you are loved!

You are what keeps this blog going and every time you make the time to click on my posts, you trust that I will bring something of value to you. I hope I can do that for you when you come to visit.

Thank YOU for being an extended part of my family and here’s to, Lord willing, 100 more posts. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Attack of The 100th Post On Tokyo!

  1. Congratulations!! 100 posts! I’m at 97 myself and closing in on the triple digits! Thank you for motivating and inspiring and supporting others’ (myself included) journeys!!!

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