Bad Girl

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One Little Life Story

Okay, it’s confession time… I ate ice cream yesterday.

I know, I know… not exactly W30 and my 2nd W30 starts again today… I had 8 days in and now I have zero days in.

If I look at it practically, it’s not really the end of the world. Everyone makes a misstep and the more important thing that the failure is how you recover from it. Whether you fall completely, laying in the dirt and flailing about, or whether you just get up, take it as a lesson and move on.
I flailed about in the dirt yesterday. I ate about four spoonfuls of the ice cream and then decided I didn’t want anymore and put it away. And then I flailed around calling myself all sorts of names and berating what a weak and useless idiot I am. Of course being a weak and useless idiot requires punishment…

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Tenacious Tuesday: What Lens Do You Have On?

How you view life depends on what lens you are wearing. ABT (Asset Based Thinking) can help you become more tenacious in your life and your personal development. Check out the book “Change The Way You See Things” or visit their website:

What lens will you wear today? 🙂