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Why You Are Stuck And Won’t Admit It


As you can tell by my snarky title, I are back!

Missed me?


Oh well, for all the two of you who did, you are wondering was new with Strong By Choice? Did he fall off the earth? Did he become a vegetable after finishing The Whole 30 Program?Well, never fear. You will receive a mini-update now. Happy?

The truth of the matter is that I am fighting one word now in my life.

What is that word?


No, that’s not it.



No, that was last week.

Ah. I remember.


Is that one word? o_0

Yes, ya boy is burned-out. Burned out of training. Burned out of motivating others. Burned out on fitness.

I’m at a crossroads now.

So I can go either two directions now: One path is to become a blob of inactivity or the other path where I admit I’m stuck then do something differently.

I choose the second option.

So What’s The Game Plan, Boss?

Have you ever read the book “Four-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss? If you have, you may be remember the chapter “From Geek to Freak.” In this chapter, Tim discusses how he only went to the gym two times a week.

Wait. What?

You mean I don’t have to live in the gym?

WARNING: Spiritual reference coming! Siren sounds: WOOP! WOOP! WOOP!

The Lord brought this chapter to my mind because my training sessions last 1 hour and some change. The longest session was 2 hours.

So this will be my game-plan and blueprint.

Two days a way following the training suggestions of Dan John.

Training days will be Tuesdays and Saturdays.

We will see if this will help rekindle the missing spark and bring back that loving feeling. 🙂

How about you?

Have you ever experienced training burn-out? What did you do to overcome it? Comment below.





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