Tough Mudder Death Shows Risk of Extreme Endurance Events

Always risks involved…carefully weigh your options.

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A sports physician and psychologist share safety tips to reduce risk.

A competitor in a 2012 Tough Mudder in West Dover, Vermont.

A competitor jumps into a vat of ice water during a Tough Mudder event in West Dover, Vermont, on July 15, 2012. A young man drowned after competing in a Tough Mudder in West Virginia in April 2013.

Photograph by Jessica Rinaldi, Reuters

Luna Shyr

for National Geographic News

The first fatality in a Tough Mudder endurance event this past weekend raises a dire prospect that’s typically far from the minds of participants or buried in the fine print of contracts.

Such extreme activities, with names like Rugged Maniac and Warrior Dash,have surged in popularity. Their novelty challenges include crawling under live wires, plunging into an icy dumpster, and dangling from monkey bars coated with butter and mud.

At best, such obstacle courses push mental and physical stamina and build teamwork; at worst, people get injured or even…

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After a video like that, I was hyped!

I wanted to find out more about him and his story. I found a touching recount of his struggle and how the 1% Mindset became alive.  You will want to watch the second video. Check out the video here .

We tweeted some more with each other and Dayne even graciously offered his services to do a voice-over if I ever decided to do another training video. So we decided to pursue teaming up with each other and he offered me to become a creative assistant after I gave some suggestions and creative ideas he could do to reach others.

Look for more brighter things to come and new projects since I am part of the 1% Team. Thank you for reading and I hope you will continue to stay updated here on the latest news. 🙂

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