Happy Thanksgiving!

As we are traveling tomorrow to meet family, I wanted to give a warm Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  I thank you for being a part of my little slice of Internet Heaven here.  I hope you enjoy your time for yourself, your families, and just resting (what a concept, right?).

Side note…I am peeping possibly, maybe, possibly a Black Friday Sale.

What has my eyebrows lifted in curiosity?

Half-Price Books – Black Friday Sale!

You can check it out HERE!

So what are you going to do for Thanksgiving?

Geek Post: I’m Finally Caught Up! Weee-oooo!

Courtesy: Wired.com

Courtesy: Wired.com

Confessional Time.

I’m a geek.  Yes, I have been for a long time now and no use hiding this fact anymore.  If pure geekery is not your style, you may want to skip this post.

If you are a citizen of Geekdom, you may pass. 🙂 Continue reading

Off-Topic: Why I Write 6 Times A Week


Courtesy: ww.marriageindebt.com

Thinking about what to write on the blog today, I realized that a turning point for me was the decision (come hell or high a water) to write on my blog everyday (exception is Sundays).  You may wonder, “Why in the world do this?”

Easy.  If you want to be great at something, you need to go all in.

That’s what I am aiming for. Greatness in my writing.  Now I may have a few hiccups here, however I know that being a master at something takes 10,000 hours.

A Michael Jordan had to practice in order to become a champion.  A Babe Ruth had to practice hitting balls in order to become great.  A Walter Payton had to run hills in order to become a legend.

Instead of wishing to be great at writing, I rather dive right in with both feet.  Yeah, my writing at time may come out unpolished, raw, and dead yet this doesn’t deter me.  Every time I deposit my thoughts here on this blog and whether someone reads this or not, I did the most important part…I showed up.

Showing up…wow…ever consider how important this mere act is.  What? You don’t?

Consider this simple act in the below video:

Cal Ripken reached greatness because he showed up.  I’m driven. I’m committed. I’m hungry.

THAT is why I write 6 times a week.

What about you?  What have you decided lately to “go all in?”

Share your comments below.

The 180 Posts That Ate Kentucky! @_@

Wowee, wow, wow…Yesterday marked 180 posts!

Correction: I’m actually at 182 as of this post. I blame my delirium on the two pieces of cheesecake I ate tonight.

This calls for a dramatic chipmunk stare!

Seriously, I would have NEVER thought that anyone would want to read my drivel.  Continue reading