Breaking News! You Will Never Be Miss Universe 2013!


Ah, yes…the time has come again therefore millions of women run to the television to experience the emotional intoxicating event of the year (next to American football’s Super bowl), Miss Universe 2013.  Truth be told, the women who watch the show will most likely feel like they don’t add up to Miss Universe.

News flash.

You don’t need to.  The only one you have to compete with is yourself.  Not the latest runway model, movie star, or sports figure.  The only one you will face in the mirror is yourself.  The only goal you need to set transforming yourself into a stronger version of you (as I like to say You 2.0).

Why watch someone else’s dreams come true when you can go out and with God’s help, make them come true.  Who knows?  Maybe you star on television as the next person for everyone to watch sharing your success story.

Who is/was a role model that you wanted to copy?

Share your comments below. 🙂