#MightyMonday – New Changes In Store

Good Morning Warriors,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Starting today, you can expect to see one post a week here at Rise and Transform.  

I think Friday will be the day that I will burp out a post for you.  


There are other endeavors that I am exploring and maybe I’ll let you in on them…if you’re good. LOL

Thanks for reading and Lord willing, see you Friday!

Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

Wow…where to begin? Okay, you may be thinking….”Wait, you’re a Christian, right? You are not suppose to get angry.”

*Falls over laughing*

Yeah, right. I have become angry over little things. I have allowed people to make me upset (which in turn gave them my power), I have been upset at trivial news (Ben Affleck is playing Batman?!), and I have been upset at the right things (sin in my life).

Anger is a power that needs to be directed correctly and focused correctly. If not, like a fire, it can turn into a inferno.

And yes, my favorite Marvel character is The Incredible Hulk. You would think after all these years, he would become calmer, huh? 😉

Nerd Post: I Have Gone To The Darkside

Courtesy: Google Images

For all of my readers out in cyberspace, you probably know that I am a die-hard Linux fan.  I had given up using Windows with Windows XP (although I would soil my hands to go back to it if I needed to print using a VirtualBox).

Well, this has all changed when my laptop died a few months back.  However, God provided us a new laptop and the laptop is pre-installed with Windows 8.0.

I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised at how Windows has improved and I never thought that the words “pleasurable experience” could go along with the product Windows.  I stand corrected.

So there, I said it.  Windows 8.1 is a wonderful product.

P.S. I will still install Linux on this laptop too to have dual boot options. Why? Cause I’m a rebel, Dottie. :p



#MightyMonday – How Epic Are You?

Courtesy: Trailer News Music

Music…there is no denying its power.  Music can be used to inspire, encourage, and uplift us.  Music can make us feel a sea of emotions.  Music is life.

When thinking about the subject of music, there is one form of music that I can count on to go to when I am in need of inspiration or a nudge for greatness.  The genre of music called “Epic Music.”

Dictionary.com defines “Epic” as heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.

Epic music genre, to me, is the sweeping music that can make your emotions travel to different places instantly.  Epic music is the type of music you may see in a movie trailer that is action-packed or a drama.

Here is a piece that blows my socks off (this piece is also featured in the upcoming Robocop trailer). The song is called “Crimson Shade.”

Crimison Shade by Jack Trammell

What epic movie trailer songs do you like?