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#MondayMotivation – Are You Wasting Time?

Courtesy: Kentucky.com

Courtesy: Kentucky.com

Yesterday the amass of ice stopped our Sunday services.  Yup. No church for the morning and evening.  Felt sort of weird because we use to house church before we found (or rather God lead us to) a solid Bible-believing, Bible preaching church.  So what do you do when your plans stop suddenly?To be truthful, I felt unorganized and I was going to room to room to decide what to do.  Finally I settled on doing projects such as “winterizing” the living room windows, reading (lots of reading), spending time with our daughter M, cooking, and napping (thank you Jesus!).  And finally, the most appalling thing to me ever…going to bed at 9:30 pm!  GASP!

The morale of the story is that I didn’t allow the setbacks to prevent me from doing productive activity.  I used the time wisely because time is the most precious commodity that we can NEVER get back.

How about you?  When your plans don’t go as scheduled, do you waste time or invest time?

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