Does Sony Playstation Fitness Games Need To Be Fattened?

Do you hear that sound?

You don’t?  That chinging sound? Oh, that’s the sound of cash registrars as today marks the release of the Playstation 4. Sony is launching to make a comeback just like a grizzled seasoned fighter after losing ground to Nintendo for a few years.  The furor for PS4 is at a fever pitch.  One of my friends on my Facebook account posted this: Continue reading

Why You Are Stuck And Won’t Admit It


As you can tell by my snarky title, I are back!

Missed me?


Oh well, for all the two of you who did, you are wondering was new with Strong By Choice? Did he fall off the earth? Did he become a vegetable after finishing The Whole 30 Program? Continue reading

Never Say Never!

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kettlebell Extraordinare: Tracy Seffers of A Plate Full of Crazy.


I want to say a huge thank-you to Strong By Choice for asking me to write a guest post for his fabulous blog. It is an honor to be asked, and to write for The Strong Nation!! My own (occasionally neglected) blog, A Plate Full of Crazy, tells a bit of my journey—physical, mental, spiritual—over the last couple of years. I invite you to check it out, especially those posts in the “Kettlebells and Strength Training” category. Continue reading

The One Essential Lesson You Can Learn From Last Week’s Training

Good Morning Adventurers!

You may be mourning that the day is Monday. Why moan when you can gather the momentum needed to propel you to the next level? Attitude truly makes the difference!

You are invited to learn from my experience from last week. Each week you will look at what I have learned that possibly can help you in your own training or cause you to shake your head at my shenanigans.

Just a quick blurb, I have been training with weights now since June 2011. Now does this make me an expert? Ha! Hardly. Actually to be a master at anything, you will need to have at least 10,000 hours to achieve mastery level.

So I am still learning that I haven’t arrived at all. Okay, enough gabbing, here is what I learned this past week: Continue reading

How To Look Foolish Yet Burn Fat And Make Others Jealous

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

You are probably tired of the endless runs on a treadmill. Or how many have felt like a hamster while using the elliptical?

Here is a new look at combining two exercises synthetically to burn fat. If you give the exercise a whirl, post here and tell me how this went for you!

The Forgotten Fat-Burning Exercise

The Secret of Vince Lombardi’s Success

"Gentleman, this is a football. . ."

Back in the days of the late, great coach Vince Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers had a most interesting beginning to pre-season training. All the players knew that at the first team meeting, the legendary coach would waste no time getting straight to the point. Many of the men, half Lombardi’s age and twice his size, were openly fearful, dreading the encounter. The coach did not disappoint them, and, in fact, delivered his message in one of the great one-liners of all time. Football in hand, Lombardi walked to the front of the room, took several seconds to look over the assemblage in silence, held out the pigskin in front of him, and said, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” In only five words, Lombardi communicated his point: We’re going to start with the basics and make sure we’re executing all the fundamentals.(source) Continue reading