Whole 30 Update: I See The Light!

Howdy Adventurers,

You missed my posts?  You did didn’t you?

**hears crickets** o_0

Well, for all of you who did (yay for my one reader!), you were probably wondering how The Whole 30 journey is going. Welp, here is the latest updates! So sit back, grab some popcorn (no wait, that’s not Whole 30 approved. grab some, erm, beef jerky) and enjoy the post!

Today marks Day 25!  I see the light and it’s not a train! 😀

After a very rough start (like rough as meaning finding out “innocent” foods having offending ingredients and having to restart the program twice), I feel like I am in my groove now!

Here is a list of a quick noticeable results:

  1. My man pooch (and you women thought you were the only ones that had this!) has melted down considerably. I no longer look like a miniature Jabba The Hutt.
  2. My skin is clear. No more pimples as of now.
  3. My nails are growing like crazy. I will be soon be like Wolverine and use my claws to cut my grass-fed meats for dinner with them.
  4. Eating grass-fed meats is truly a blessing when one becomes committed to doing so.
  5. By God’s grace, I have learned that I am stronger than my food cravings and sugar is no longer a master of me.
  6. The Whole 30 lifestyle is sustainable for me and empowering because I know the value of choice.
  7. I’m no longer a slave to bad foods and/or pseudo-foods disguised as healthy.

I’ll stop with seven now. Thanks for reading.

Have you considered doing the Whole 30? If so, why? If not, why not? Post your comments below.

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