#MightyMonday – How Epic Are You?

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Music…there is no denying its power.  Music can be used to inspire, encourage, and uplift us.  Music can make us feel a sea of emotions.  Music is life.

When thinking about the subject of music, there is one form of music that I can count on to go to when I am in need of inspiration or a nudge for greatness.  The genre of music called “Epic Music.”

Dictionary.com defines “Epic” as heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.

Epic music genre, to me, is the sweeping music that can make your emotions travel to different places instantly.  Epic music is the type of music you may see in a movie trailer that is action-packed or a drama.

Here is a piece that blows my socks off (this piece is also featured in the upcoming Robocop trailer). The song is called “Crimson Shade.”

Crimison Shade by Jack Trammell

What epic movie trailer songs do you like?


The Power of 9̶0̶0̶0̶ 400

Happy Sensational Saturday, Friends…

Today I was researching on how to improve my writing (pffft….like I need improving…ha! **lightning strikes** @_@) and I saw this gem from the minimalist time lord himself, Leo Babauta. You can look at what he wrote HERE.

I am taking up this same promise.  From now on, no more blather. Once crunchy, gooey writing goodness here at R.A.T.

Say…I just realized that Rise and Transform abbreviated is R.A.T.


So what do you think? Do you think 400 is an acceptable word count?  Sound off below!

Erm…Let’s try that again…ahem…


Good Morning!

I don’t think the poll showed up from last night.

So here it is again.  Let me know if you can see it or not, k?

If You Are In My Tribe, Would You Follow Me?

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

Keeping it short tonight, Gang.

I am going to post a poll.  I want you to be honest with me, okay.  Look forward to your responses. 🙂

Free ebook-A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture

Something to boster your Christian walk.

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A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture, A New Free eBook from Keith Mathison

In A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture, Dr. Mathison briefly introduces us to a topic that has long been a subject of debate, aiming to equip Christians with a clear foundation so that they may approach questions and discussions pertaining to science and Scripture with grace, humility, and patience.

Table of Contents

Foreword by R.C. Sproul


1. All Truth Is God’s Truth

2. General and Special Revelation

3. Interpreting General and Special Revelation

4. Luther, Calvin, and Copernicus

5. Earthly Things and Heavenly Things

6. When Science and Scripture Conflict

7. The Age Of The Universe and Genesis 1


“Christians have absolutely nothing to fear ultimately from scientific research,” says Dr. Mathison. “If scientists discover something about God’s creation that is actually true, it will not and cannot ultimately contradict the Scriptures when…

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