I Finally Discovered The Secret Reason To Workout


Have you seen all the hoopla with the CMA Awards 2013? 

Truth be told.

I’m not a fan of country music although just like we learned from yesterday’s post, nuggets of truth are buried everywhere you need to be like a pirate and dig for them.

Let’s look at an awards show.

What is the purpose?

1) To award a person for the incredible achievements made.

2) Recognize their achievements.

Ever wonder how to motivate yourself to workout?  Use the CMA formula.  Find some competition or goal to compete in.  Find a way to award yourself once you have achieved that goal.  Share your accomplishments with the world.

Congratulations…you have now discovered the secret reason to workout.  The keyword of the day: “Accomplishment.”

What about you?

Does this make sense to you? Comment below.


How Sons of Anarchy Can Teach Us A Secret About Fitness Training?


Did you know that you can learn from anything and apply to your fitness goals?

Take for example, the blockbuster hit show “Sons of Anarchy.”  Here is a show about an outlaw motorcycle gang that works together to protect the fictional town of Charming, California.  They treat each other like family.  They support each other. Even discipline each other.

Do you see the take-away and how we can apply this to fitness?

You can decide to be an island to yourself and think you can do your fitness goals by yourself.

Hate to burst your bubble.

You can’t.

You need a support group (affectionately called “Fit Fam”) to lift you up when you are down, encourage you, and push you to be better.

Only then can you realize true greatness and in the end give back to those who helped you.

One of the secrets to fitness training is…synergy.

So tell me.

What Fit Fam do you have in place?

A Better Day Today


Today was a better day than my little pity party.  I realize that I need to journal my thoughts everyday as I climb from the mush, slime, and goo of laziness into the dry fertile land of fitness.  I feel like I let a lot of you down.  You looked to me for guidance, advice, and inspiration with being the leader of The Strong Nation and all.

I sincerely apologize for not being there for you.  I burned out.  I lost my drive.  I became disillusioned with the whole fitness lifestyle.  At times, I look at the pictures of those on Twitter and Facebook and think to myself, “Is this really worth it?”  All fitties want to talk about is working out, working out, working out.  I was getting tired of being the one to beat the drum, call the warriors to battle, and then pretend to be this mighty guru who oversees the kingdom of fitness.

I type these things because I see that the fitness world is missing honesty and integrity.  For people to become less self-obsessed with how good they look in the mirror and more on what health really is.  Just because someone looks like a Greek statue of fitness, the outside doesn’t tell the inside (e.g. insecurities).

As I rethink this concept of fitness, you are invited to join me as I peel off the layers to discover who I really am, what is truly fitness, and to get away from the chest-beating drivel you find on Twitter.

I am going to be real.

I no longer want to hope to be fit. I need to make decisions that stick and last while not losing my integrity to become a stronger version of me.

What about you? Are you struggling with fitness and staying in shape right now?

Strong by choice and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Post


Hi Fit Friends,

Remember me?

it’s been a while I know yet I need to start writing again so you are forced to read all of my ugly writingness.  Yes, this is not a word I am just getting thoughts on paper…erm…screen in order to gt get out what I have been feeling.

Truth be told, I haven’t been working out or training in months now.  Nada.  Zip.  Goose eggs.

I have been so absence from working out that my body laughs at the thought of even working out again.

Wow, how did I get to this dark place?  I can tell you.  choices.  The one choice to stop being consistent and the whole world falls with you. 

Still, there is hope.  There is always hope and I know this too will pass.  This is just a challenge for me to overcome.  We can get back to stellar shape.  All this takes is just one step.

Sorry I have neglected you so long, Citizens of The Strong Nation.  Even Superman can fall.



Why You Are Stuck And Won’t Admit It


As you can tell by my snarky title, I are back!

Missed me?


Oh well, for all the two of you who did, you are wondering was new with Strong By Choice? Did he fall off the earth? Did he become a vegetable after finishing The Whole 30 Program? Continue reading