The One Essential Lesson You Can Learn From Last Week’s Training

Good Morning Adventurers!

You may be mourning that the day is Monday. Why moan when you can gather the momentum needed to propel you to the next level? Attitude truly makes the difference!

You are invited to learn from my experience from last week. Each week you will look at what I have learned that possibly can help you in your own training or cause you to shake your head at my shenanigans.

Just a quick blurb, I have been training with weights now since June 2011. Now does this make me an expert? Ha! Hardly. Actually to be a master at anything, you will need to have at least 10,000 hours to achieve mastery level.

So I am still learning that I haven’t arrived at all. Okay, enough gabbing, here is what I learned this past week: Continue reading

Bonus Post: “Who Is Your Master?”


Courtesy of Hong King Cinema

Courtesy of Hong Kong Cinema

You have seen this haven’t you?

A martial arts movie where the student is looking for a master.

Well, let me back up.

First, the student has to either: 1) lose a master who was killed by a great villain or 2) get the shellacking beat of them by the villain and now the student wants revenge.  In either case, the student ends up finding a master of kung fu with a fighting style that is fresh and unique. Continue reading