Happy Thanksgiving!

As we are traveling tomorrow to meet family, I wanted to give a warm Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.  I thank you for being a part of my little slice of Internet Heaven here.  I hope you enjoy your time for yourself, your families, and just resting (what a concept, right?).

Side note…I am peeping possibly, maybe, possibly a Black Friday Sale.

What has my eyebrows lifted in curiosity?

Half-Price Books – Black Friday Sale!

You can check it out HERE!

So what are you going to do for Thanksgiving?

The 180 Posts That Ate Kentucky! @_@

Wowee, wow, wow…Yesterday marked 180 posts!

Correction: I’m actually at 182 as of this post. I blame my delirium on the two pieces of cheesecake I ate tonight.

This calls for a dramatic chipmunk stare!

Seriously, I would have NEVER thought that anyone would want to read my drivel.  Continue reading

Thankful Thursday: Truly Wonderful

Today is Thankful Thursday!

No matter what is going on with your life, we still have the opportunity to see God’s goodness even in hard times. Just look at the morning skies and thank God for His goodness and the wonderful world we have.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a comment below. 🙂

The Attack of The 100th Post On Tokyo!


Thank you for sharing in this special day! As the graphic says, we have reach 100 blog posts!

In fact, this humble blog is two years in the making as well!

I just wanted to take the time to truly say “thank you” for sticking by me through the ups and downs of this blog. You are appreciated and you are loved!

You are what keeps this blog going and every time you make the time to click on my posts, you trust that I will bring something of value to you. I hope I can do that for you when you come to visit.

Thank YOU for being an extended part of my family and here’s to, Lord willing, 100 more posts. 🙂

#ThankfulThursday: What Are You Thankful For?

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” ~William A. Ward

Thursday. Some think of this day as closer to Friday and the weekend. How about we pause and make today “Thankful Thursday.”


What a neglected word in today’s society.

Gratitude can instantly change your attitude from one of negativity to positive.

What are you thankful for today? Post three things that you are grateful in the comment section below. Re-blog this and let’s spread the virus of thankfulness to others. 🙂