Why You Are Stuck And Won’t Admit It


As you can tell by my snarky title, I are back!

Missed me?


Oh well, for all the two of you who did, you are wondering was new with Strong By Choice? Did he fall off the earth? Did he become a vegetable after finishing The Whole 30 Program? Continue reading

Momentum Monday: Are You Afraid?


TGIM! I have a question for you. Are you afraid of “Hard Work?”

Let’s explore below what Adam’s thoughts about hard work and a letter he wrote to him.

What about you? What is a reward hard work has brought in your life? How did that make you feel?

Leave a comment below.  I would love to read your thoughts. 🙂


Throwback Thursday: Return To The Rockpile


We are going to take it back! Here’s my very first video from last year!

In the video, I was doing the Stronglifts 5 x 5 program when I was starting to get into weight training and had taken a week off (usually every eight weeks I take a full week off to let the body to heal).

Have you made a video of your training? If so, please share in the comment section below. If not, why not? You matter!

How To Look Foolish Yet Burn Fat And Make Others Jealous

Photo Courtesy: Stack.com

Photo Courtesy: Stack.com

You are probably tired of the endless runs on a treadmill. Or how many have felt like a hamster while using the elliptical?

Here is a new look at combining two exercises synthetically to burn fat. If you give the exercise a whirl, post here and tell me how this went for you!

The Forgotten Fat-Burning Exercise