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About Strong By Choice

An epic pose of epic-ness!

An epic pose of epic-ness!

Hi, thank for stopping by. Either you are: a) Curious about me b) Wonder when did Denzel Washington start blogging? c) Made a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Happened to Bugs all the time! - Copyright Warner Bros

Happened to Bugs all the time! – Copyright Warner Bros

In either case, no, I’m not Denzel. Now that would be silly, I’m his brother Junebug. Kidding! My name is Strong By Choice. I am glad you stopped by to find out more about me. Well, to start, I am a Christian. Hardly perfect yet forgiven. I feel the most authentic when I am helping motivate, encourage, and inspire others in the area of fitness through my blog posts, video, Twitter account, and Facebook group. Fitness is such a stunning lifestyle that once you find your “Big Why” – there is nothing to truly stop you except yourself. Alright, that’s a wrap. Let’s call in the crew to shut down this joint. What? You are still here? o_0 You can stop reading. No, really. Don’t make me tell you more about myself. I’ll throw out my “7 things you probably wouldn’t want to know about me yet I’ll tell in case you are on the show “Jeopardy! I will, I’ll do it! Fine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

7 things you probably wouldn’t want to know about me yet I’ll tell in case you are on the show “Jeopardy!”

  1. I’m happily married to my sweetheart. Yes, I am smitten with love and have been in love for numerous years. There is such thing as a happy marriage when Christ is the center.
  2. I am a nerd. I have no shame. Don’t be surprised if you subscribe to my blog that you will be pelted with quirky references to nerdist influences such as Superman, The Hulk, or Fat Albert. My nerdiness is untamed.
  3. Humor is my weapon of choice. I will bonk you with my Nerf sword too. One of my strengths is to come up with imaginative silliness to make you think or to tickle your frontal gyrus. So don’t be surprised if I blog about Waffle Monsters.
  4. I am not a personal trainer.  I have been training since June 2011 and still learning. I offer suggestions only if one is open. You are still responsible for your choices. So if you as me if Bicep Blaster 2 Million will help you build biceps and want my suggestions, be prepared for a reasoned answer along with endless giggles for wasting your money.
  5. I will bust out in a funny dance at any moment. The dance may look like an catfish struggling on land. It’s my dance and you have to get your own.
  6. I am encourager. If you ever needed encouragement or motivation, stick around and we can help each other. 🙂
  7. Chocolate sandwich creme cookies and cheesecake are my kryptonite. Like seriously. These little morsels of blissfulness. If I could fill a swimming pool with just those two desserts, I would swim for days. I am no longer about that sugar life no more. I am doing Whole 30 program because my health is more important than foolish cravings. I am putting my big boy boxers on now. If you join, let’s root and encourage each other! Comment below if you decide to do this whole-heartedly. If you are half-hearted, then don’t bother to reach me.

Oh yeah, I am on multiple social networks which you can connect with me here. I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship with you. Just make sure you bring the sandwich creme cookies and cheesecake, please.

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