Late Entry: Grrr…Grumble, Grumble..


I bet you thought I forgot about you and my promise to write to you on Fridays.


I did.


I have something good to make up for it though.  Don’t be mad, okay?

Go over to visit Smitty’s post from Diesel Strength & Conditioningyou won’t regret it.  See you next Friday, ok?

6 Life Lessons from 2013 


31 Day New Challenge

December 2013 is a wrap.

Duh, right?

We as a fit family decided to do the following for December:

  • Bear Crawls based on the date of the day (e.g. Day 5 would be 5 crawls)
  • Squats based on the date of the day (e.g. same as above)

We squeaked through this challenge with high fives all around.

My ladies (my wife E and daughter M) became all hardcore and would keep bugging me, “So what is the next challenge?  What are we doing?” Continue reading